Helpful Moving Tips
Allstate Moving & Transfer, Co. wants your move to go smoothly and efficiently. Here are some helpful tips to make you move easier.

When your house goes on the market:

Clean and organize all rooms, closets, the garage, and the basement.

Begin packing items that you don’t use very often. Start in the basement and the attic. Label each box and store them where they won’t be in the way.

Have a garage sale or donate unused items to charity.

Contact moving companies and get a written, accurate estimate. Solidify the date with the moving company.

4-6 weeks before moving:

Keep packing or if we are helping you pack, contact us for the best ways to prepare the house for the move.

Cancel any household or office services that you use, including gardeners, pool maintenance companies, cleaning companies, etc.

2 weeks before moving:

Call utility companies to disconnect the utilities at closing. Utilities can also be transferred to the new owner at this time.

Contact the telephone, Internet, and cable companies to discontinue or move your service. Be sure to give them a contact number that will not be disconnected.

Begin contacting the utility, telephone, Internet, and cable companies to begin service at your new residence or office.

Notify the post office of the move. Be sure to include new contact info and the date the new info becomes effective.

Notify your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, friends, family, doctors, dentists, and others of your new address.

Start a box of essential items that you will need immediately at the new location. Include toiletries, cleaning supplies, linens, and a change of clothing.

1 week before moving:

Confirm that your closing is still on track.

Confirm moving date with Allstate Moving & Trucking, Co.

If you’ve decided to pack yourself, clean each room thoroughly. Don’t pack vacuums or other cleaning supplies until after everything has been removed from the house or office.

Cancel or transfer homeowner’s insurance coverage.

On moving day:

Do a thorough walk-through of the house, opening all closets and cabinets. Be sure you’ve collected any leftover items.

Keep the keys to your new and old home handy at all times.

Have your essential items box labeled and packed last.

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